YellowJacket Press (YJP) is pleased to announce the winner of the 9th Annual YellowJacket Press Chapbook Contest for Florida Poets.  Heather Sellers of Tampa won for her manuscript The Vine which will be published in early summer.  In addition, YJP will publish the finalist in our Special Edition series.  Congratulations to Melissa Fair for her manuscript Abandon.  Ms. Fair will debut her chapbook at a YJP reading in May 2014.

There were three runners-up whose work was also noteworthy: Lux by Jim Gustafson of Fort Myers; Singing My Name Out of the Dark Waters by Linda Goddard of Winter Springs; and Honeymoon Woods by Zan Gay of Coral Springs.  Congratulations to all winners and runners-up.

All entries were judged anonymously.

Established in 2005, YellowJacket Press (YJP) is an independent small poetry press and currently the only publisher of poetry chapbook manuscripts in Florida.  YJP sponsors the annual YellowJacket Press Chapbook Contest for Florida Poets.  Renowned across the state, the annual contest identifies the state‚Äôs most vital and vibrant poets and brings their exhilarating, well-crafted poems to the public eye.

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Heather Sellers,


(YJP Contest Winner)

The Vine (2014)


Meryl Stratford,

Hallandale Beach

(YJP Contest Winner)

The Magician's Daughter (2013)


George Bishop, Saint Cloud

(Peter Meinke Prize)

Following Myself Home (2013)


Jordan Scott, Tampa

(Peter Meinke Prize)

Night Errands, 2012


Mary Elizabeth Perez,


Museum of Chairs, 2012


Liz Robbins, St. Augustine

(YJP Contest Winner)

Girls Turned Like Dials, 2012


Paul David Adkins

The Upside Down House, 2012


Christopher Tozier, Eustis

A Little Book of Light History:

From Delft to Ocean Park, 2012


James Tokley, Sr., Tampa

The Epic of the Sandwiche Cubano, 2011


Peter Meinke, St. Petersburg

Lassing Park, 2011


Laura Sobbott Ross, Sorento

(YJP Contest Winner)

A Tiny Hunger, 2011


Melissa Carrol, Tampa

The Karma Machine, 2011


Jesse Milner, Ft. Myers

(YJP Contest Winner)

My Grandfather Singing, 2010


Cole Bellamy, Tampa

The Mermaid Postcard, 2010


Kirsten Holt, Tampa

Overwintered, 2010


Barbra Nightingale, Hollywood

Two Voices, One Past, 2010


Kate Sweeney, Tampa

Better Accidents, 2009


Richard Downing, Hudson

Four Steps Off the Path, 2009


Pamela, Epps, Temple Terrace

A Last Glance, 2009


Michael Trammell, Tallahassee

(YJP Contest WInner)

Our Keen Blue House, 2008


Robert S. Carr, Orlando

Mystery of the Root, 2008


Michael Hettich, Miami Shores

Many Loves, 2007


Sharon Scholl, Atlantic Beach

Message on a Branch, 2007


Susan Lilley, Orlando

(YJP Contest Co-Winner)

Night Windows, 2006


Mary Jane Ryals, Tallahassee

(YJP Contest Co-Winner)

Music in Arabic, 2006


Gregory Byrd, Clearwater

(YJP Contest Co-Winner)

Florida Straits, 2005